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Studio shot

Be-bop Your Visual Acts, the title is what it does in your mind.
Abstraction, to me, is a way of connecting the known and the unknown. I want to experience something I have not seen before. How can we arrive at the unknown from the known?

Occupied with space, matter, materiality and pattern, I build up the work by means of structures from different layers. In my recent work I am using fabric and sewing to construct drawings that relate to particular surroundings. I reflect on how time, place and habit shape a visual identity and the limits and possibilities that an established sense of identity bring to the construction of new knowledge.

The works in this show are tied to my solo show in ÀREA-lugar de proyectos, Puerto Rico; with which I was, and still am, trying to narrow down the elements, clearly continuing an investigation. In all the works there is something with the light, as if it is set and belongs to somewhere else or become specific, like how we remember day break, how dense we remember night and how intense we see and feel night fall. All these things are something we (I) borrow, they are not ours to keep, but are visitors. In that sense they appear both very present and distant.

The show consists of several small paintings 50 x 40 cm, made with canvas, rabbit skin glue, pigments and acrylics. And sown pieces made with jute, pigments, acrylics, gesso, embroidery and different ribbons, the largest will be 240 x 265cm.

The sewn pieces are like giant drawings/collages where the image is less defined, almost not there. The paintings are like a container, the elements are like frames (moving image) as if held in a moment. In this regard it is similar to a play or to music where we perceive a sequence of something.

Each piece has a specific focus, it is its own entity, but makes sense with the whole. Each piece is done in relation to some-thing and become somehow specific in this open way. I feel they are pointing to something. Each element is leading to the next thing. I tend to go back to the process, because it is part of Matter. Be-bop, to me, is play and juggling, loosening up, getting noisy, getting lost and finding the path - always with strong driving rhythm, and strong pace. It is also the root of a lot of different music I also listen to, and felt it made sense to refer to something very essential and basic.

The paintings are a series of acts. Acts here refer to ways of handling things, handling paint, both in style, and the method of making them.